Artist Biography

Lisa Marie Morrison

At the age of eight, Lisa Marie watched her hometown of Quincy, Massachusetts fade from view out of the back of her family's 1969 metallic-green, wood-paneled Dodge Coronet station wagon. Tucson, Arizona was 3000 miles and a world-away. The ensuing three decades found her entranced by the astounding beauty and diversity of the Sonoran Desert. 

Graduating from Tucson High Magnet School and the University of Arizona, she was never far from the heart of Tucson - one of the southwest's most artistically and culturally diverse pueblos. Pursuits that have filled her life during and since her schooling include: retail jobs at too many mall shops to list, furniture sales, reading, corporate new home sales, old home remodels, yoga, pilates and dance, writing for the Tucson Gem Show EZ Guide, hikes, meteorite hunts, road-trips, vending at and organizing fine art shows, Jane-on-the-spot retail manager, rock hounding, and water-havesting friendly landscaping. But her work with torch, silver and stones to bring a little beauty into the world and share it with her clients is the artist's true passion.


The primary influence on the signature Sirocco Design aesthetic is the annual Tucson gem and mineral shows ~ and international fairie-land of cultures, languages, fossil, meteorites, gemstones, jewelry, textiles, disreputable characters, rocks of all shapes and sizes, sculpture, clothing and so much more. 25 years of haunting the Tucson gem and mineral shows has presented Lisa Marie with the rare opportunity to be inspired by the jewelry and acquire stones from across the globe. Combined with a life-long love of historical jewelry, an exacting attention to detail and a desert dwellers' appreciation for simplicity in form and function, her pieces have a universally recognizable quality and style.


On a search to expand her knowledge of the world first-hand and temporarily flee Tucson while the opportunity was ripe, Lisa Marie sold most of her earthy possessions (but not the tools and the rocks), rented out her Tucson home, found a foster mom for her beloved kitty Vegas Jane and bought a one-way solo ticket to Santiago, Chile, South America. In a series of fortunate events (and after a half-dozen temporary homes), she has found herself living in the micro-beach of Los Molles, Chile with her new partner in crime - photographer and videographer, Pablo Rivera. Setting up the Sirocco Design studio in a private corner with an ocean view, her weekly activities now include: writing blog posts, wielding a new Orca silversmithing torch, striving to become a social media maven, planning meteorite expeditions to the Atacama desert of northern Chile and long walks on the beach.


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